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DGIST is a research-oriented university with a full support from Korean government.

DGIST is an Institute of Science and Technology founded by the Korean Government to benefit society through development and advancement of science and engineering. With our aim to become a world-leading convergence university, we conduct research on grand challenge issues that face the mankind and educate talents to make the world a better place through discoveries and innovation. Our innovative and unique curriculum is designed and continuously evolving on the 4C educational philosophies: Creativity, Challenge, Collaboration, and Care; which reflects our hope to see convergence leading talents who challenge frontiers with creativity, collaborative mindset, and care for others.

DGIST started with a research institution in 2004 and grew into a research-oriented university by opening graduate program in 2011, and the undergraduate program in March, 2014. DGIST focuses its research and education in six areas, called ‘MIREBraiN’: M for Materials, I for Information & Communication, R for Robotics, E for Energy, B for Brain, and N for New Biology. The pronunciation of MIRE in Korean stands for the word ‘future’, referring to the future brains of the nation and world whom DGIST is seeking to foster.