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Academic Policies


  • Graduate School: Common mandatory, Common elective, Other courses
  • Undergraduate Studies: Common mandatory, Compulsory selective courses

Course Registration

Credits Criterion per Semester

Course Registration
Regular semester
(Fall & spring semesters)
Winter &
Summer Session
Excess of Credit Requirements
Master's 9~12 credits Within 9 credits
  • Required the approval of Advisory Professor and Department Chair
  • Submit the request form for excess credits to Educational Affairs Team.
Integrated 3~12 credits
Undergraduate 20~23 credits

※ Undergraduate Studies: With the approval from Advisory Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Studies, the request form for excess credits should be submitted to Educational Affairs Team until the four days before course registration.

Undergraduate Studies

  • Course Registration and Change
    • Check notice (Student Portal → Student Bulletin → Academic Notice)

      Register and Change at Registration system (

Graduate School

  • Course Registration
    • Register at Registration system (
  • Course Change
    • Add or drop courses at Registration system ( during the course change period
  • Note for Course Registration
    • For 800-uni courses (special courses) and 900-uni courses (research credits), overlapped credits are allowed for courses with the same course number, but re-taking is not allowed.
    • Students who are planning to enroll in Thesis or Capstone courses should consult with their professors first regarding the number of credits they need to take; they should then enter the number of credits directly in the Student Portal System when registering for courses online.
    • Duration of each class : 50 minutes or 75 minutes