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Campus map


Main Administration Building

  • B1Document Room, Parking Lot
  • 1FConvention Hall
  • 2FUndergraduate School Administration Team, Director of School Administration, Graduate School Administration Team, Meeting Room, Student Counseling Center, Director of Center for Student Counseling and Career Development, Center for Student Counseling and Career Development, Student Affairs Team
  • 3FSeminar Room, Staff Cafeteria, VIP Dining Room
  • 4FExecutive Conference Room, Conference Room(S), Ancillary Room, Conference Room(M), Video Conference Room
  • 5FEducational Affairs Team, Academic Affairs Team, Research Promotion Team, Meeting Room, Document Room, Admissions Team, Research Support Team
  • 6FLounge(W), Lounge(M), Counseling Room, Meeting Room
  • 7FProcurement and Asset Management Team, Human Resources Team, General Affairs and Welfare Team, Director of General Administration, Finance and Accounting Team, Safety and Security Team, Facility Management Team
  • 8FUniversity Development Team, Budget Team, Strategic Development and Evaluation Team, Planning Team, Director of Planning and Coordination, Audit Office, Pressroom, Public Relations Team, International Affairs Team
  • 9FAssociate Vice President's offices, Special Adviser to the President, Dean for College of Transdisciplinary Studies
  • 10FPresident, Reception Room, Office of the President, Auditor, Dean for Graduate School, Executive Vice President and Provost