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School of Undergraduate Studies

  • School of Undergraduate Studies

General Introduction

In this era of convergence, the transdisciplinary integration of various studies has been an approach employed to solve many problems that we are currently facing. Since March 2014, under the direction of the College of Transdisciplinary Studies, the School of Undergraduate Studies has launched a campaign aimed at inspiring the young around the world in becoming creative global talents of knowledge creation with their own missions, visions, and passion in the era of convergence. 

The mission of the school includes the responsibility for guiding and advising students to proactively discover their academic potential and career interests with the GOAL (Goal Oriented Active Learning) system so that they can pursue their lifetime goals. 

In addition, the school ensures to provide high-quality curricula, in which students can experience a small, group-based study setting and strengthen their knowledge in the fields of basic science, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and philosophy. Utilizing such a dynamic multidisciplinary curricula will provide students with a phenomenal knowledge skill set to become intellectual communicators. 

The undergraduate courses are designed under the ‘Transdisciplinary Curriculum with the Single Unified School’ to overcome the limitations of the traditional departmental system. The faculty has published self-developed e-books to teach and communicate with their students better and efficiently. In this innovative education system, students will develop ‘creativity’ as an inventor, and will make a ‘contribution’ to the development and ‘care’ of humanity.

The school continues to sustain excellence in education and enrich undergraduate experiences through an innovative education system, academic assistance, and character education.

Innovative Education System

01 Transdisciplinary Curriculum within the Single Unified School

  • Concentrated education in basic science and engineering, Year 1-3
  • Track-customized education in the final year
  • Goal-Oriented Active Learning (GOAL) system transcending the traditional disciplinary approach
  • Education across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Humanities, Social Science and track-customized courses including the UGRP

02 Teaching Faculty Dedicated to Undergraduate Education

  • Unlike traditional science and engineering universities, which usually have graduate school and lab-focused operating system, all the professors in the School of Undergraduate Studies are fully dedicated to teaching, life mentoring, and research conducted in collaboration with students for the best quality of education

03 Faculty-developed Electronic Textbooks

  • E-books authored by faculty are in ePub 2.0 format. Students experience efficiency of education and convenience because of portability, ubiquitous usage, enhanced communication between professors and students, and interactive learning system.

DeanBae YoungChan