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Energy Science and Engineering

  • Energy Science and Engineering

General Introduction

The energy problem is one of the most important issues that humanity is currently facing. There have been urgent demands for strong remedial action to secure sustainable and environment-friendly energy resources for the survival of humanity. Modern science and technology are extensively searching for such power sources as well as systems utilizing renewable energy alternatives. Along with this wide range of social movements, a shift in the conventional education paradigm is being undertaken to have students handle these new forms of energy. The Department of Energy Science and Engineering aims to prepare engineers to creatively design and implement energy systems and renewable energy resources for the next generation in their engineering discipline.

Educational Objectives

  • Fostering engineers with future-oriented and creative R&D abilities
  • Leading core technology developments in the new renewable energy-related field
  • Cultivating teamwork ability and leadership skills by conducting joint research programs with scientists from various fields
  • Building communication skills through personal exchanges and team projects
  • Strengthening practical on-site education to solve social issues

Research Fields

  • Quantum mechanical computational design of high-functional materials for renewable energy systems
  • Core material and fabrication technology for the next generation photovoltaic cells
  • Key materials and system design for the advanced fuel cells
  • Microbial fuel cells for implantable medical device
  • Photocatalytic recycle of the waste products such as CO₂ and waste water
  • Improvement of the existing Li-ion battery technology
  • Practical applications of renewable energy systems and hydrogen production/storage systems

Department ChairJong-Sung YuLocationRm. 101, E6 Bldg.