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Collaborative Robots Research Center

General Introduction

The role of the Center is to commercialize differentiated technology to make strategic regional industries competitive in the global market by pursuing excellence through the differentiation of collaborative robots and by securing leading technologies. The ultimate goal is to become a 'T-Focus (Technology-Focus)' flagship research center that realizes a welfare state where humans and robots coexist.

To concentrate on R&D that aligns with DGIST's core fields and that improves the competitiveness of strategic regional industries to establish a DGIST robot brand. In other words, to develop intelligent components, modules, and service technology that can be common differentiated solutions by selecting the fields of smart health, active rehabilitation, and smart factory as priority areas for both key R&D and technology commercialization.

To play a key role in resolving national and global issues through convergence research and differentiated application research of core robot technology and intelligent sensor technology.

Research Objectives

Stage 1 (2017-2019)

  • To establish the center as a role model for technology commercialization

Stage 2 (2020-2022)

  • To be selected as a globally competitive flagship center

Stage 3 (2023-2025)

  • To lead the core and differentiated technology of collaborative robotics

Major Research Fields

Intelligent Sensors

  • Ultra high-resolution radar signal processing
  • Image processing and optical sensors (including medical image sensors)
  • Microsystems technology for precision medicine

Active Rehabilitation and Smart Health Robots

  • Development of core technology, components, modules for collaborative robots (industrial robots, rehabilitation robots, etc.)
  • HRI technology, sensor components for motion detection, safety joint modules

Active Safety Control for Drones (Focusing on Anti-Drones)

  • Technology convergence of radar, optical-based image processing, and AI technology for drone detection and tracking
  • Methodology for jamming, physical defense/response, etc.

Development of Bottleneck Breaking Technology for Regional Strategic Industries

  • Development of human-robot collaborative technology to implement smart factories (production logistics, process automation)
  • multi-dimension estimation algorithm
  • Development of bottleneck breaking technology for technology-invested startup companies
  • Companies and technology-transfer companies

Director Jeon Il Moon
Tel +82-53-785-4600