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Office of University-Industry Cooperation

  • Office of University-Industry Cooperation

General Introduction

As a value-added factor moves from ‘labor and capital’ to ‘knowledge and technology’, building ecology of a creative economy becomes a crucial factor in enhancing a nation’s competitiveness. Further, the importance of university-industry cooperation is constantly increasing for the realization of a creative economy. 

The Office of University-Industry Cooperation (OUIC) plays a pivotal role of enhancing university-industry cooperation by matching seeds of DGIST and needs of companies, performing the function of developing relationships between two. 

To achieve these goals, OUIC supports: (1) establishing and growing technology-based joint ventures through the unique technology commercialization model of DGIST (2) constructing supporting infrastructure to tech commercialization and start-ups, incubating company (3) securing efficiently IPRs of DGIST and, improving upon portions of commercialization (4) providing entrepreneurship and tech commercialization education and mentoring for constructing and invigorating atmosphere of making start-ups, (5) managing DGIST FC (Family Company) system to cooperate with local small businesses and venture businesses. 

Through connecting university-industry cooperation, technology commercialization, and supporting start-ups, we will produce success stories together with the Office of University-Industry Cooperation, researchers, and companies.


  • Enforcing competitiveness through technological improvement of local industry
  • Supporting technology and management through university-industry cooperation
  • Commercializing retained research outcomes
  • Spreading research results through applications of IPRs of DGIST

Main Focuses

Business Establishment and Supporting

  • Supporting establishment of technology-based joint ventures
  • Encouraging growth and move-in at OIUC
  • Mentor and supporter program

Research Outcome Creation and Application

  • Technology transfer and commercialization
  • Discovering excellent patents

Leading Science and Technology Specialized Universities with Technology Commercialization Pioneer Model

  • Founding a subsidiary of Mirae Holdings
  • Establishing cooperative networks for technology commercialization

Start-up Supporting

  • Providing business space for future entrepreneurs
  • Assisting students and staffs in start-up establishment
  • Educating entrepreneurship and tech commercialization

Technology-based Joint Ventures in DGIST

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