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Center for Core Research Facilities

  • Center for Core Research Facilities

General Introduction

There are 7 core public infrastructures existing which successfully support the MIREBraiN program: (M: Emerging Materials Science; I: Information & Communication Engineering; R: Medical Robotics; E: Green Energy Research; B: Brain Science; and N: New Biology Research). These represent DGIST’s specialized research fields. Under the goal of “establishing excellence in educational and research

infrastructures”, CCRF has pursued the construction, planning, and introduction of public research facilities and equipment; the promotion of the public use of infrastructures; and the provision of internal and external services. In addition, we continue to introduce and operate efficient management systems to increase the user’s convenience regarding the constructed educational and research infrastructures

In addition, CCRF aims to secure optimal conditions for its infrastructure and provide research support services. We seek to promote efficiency in equipment operation on a national level and to contribute to the advancement of research infrastructures in Yeongnam province. We also hope to enhance local industries by opening world-class DGIST infrastructures constructed in our area to not only internal researchers, but also external organs and corporations.


Establishment of cutting-edge education and research infrastructure

Attainment of best conditions for world-class research support

Improvement in user convenience and accessibility

Efficient management of core education and research infrastructure

Main Focuses

Educational and Research Equipment Construction Project

  • The project is CCRF’s core project that encourages the construction and efficient operation of basic research facilities and hi-tech educational and research infrastructures to derive world-class research results by promptly gathering capacity in DGIST’s specialized research fields.
    Constructed through the present project, core public infrastructures also play the role of basic infrastructures for fostering creative and advanced experts in degree programs. They lead the promotion of high added value through a synergistic effect from a virtuous cycle of research and education.
    In particular, as CCRF was the first institution to move into The Daegu Technopolis, its early construction of public infrastructures has played a key role in the creation of a research basis for not only the center itself, but also the entire Daegu Technopolis, and in leading research infrastructures in the region.

  • Public Use Management of the SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration) Research Equipment

    • DGIST has been selected as a sponsoring institution for the research equipment public use support project implemented by the SMBA to establish a basis for enhancing the technological competitiveness of small and medium businesses (SMBs) through research and development (R&D) and to increase the public use of national equipment. Therefore, corporations that wish to use the public equipment at the DGIST can apply for it through related procedures.


    • SMBs according to the regulations in Article 2 of the Framework Act on Small and Medium Enterprises that wish to conduct R&D through the public use of research equipment in possession of universities and research institutes.

    Contents and conditions of support to participating corporations

    • Government’s support of up to 30 million KRW in the form of online vouchers (coupons) within 60-70% of the R&D equipment use fees

    Application eligibility criteria

    Classification Government Contributions Corporate Burden
    Venture corporations (Business career of 7 years or less) 70% or less (Maximum: 30million KRW) 30% or more
    General corporations (Business career Over 7 years) 60% or less (Maximum: 30million KRW) 40% or more


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