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Wellness Research Center

Wellness For the Human, By the Human, Of the Human

General Introduction

Wellness Research Center develops and commercializes human-centered wellness core technology that intelligently connects IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, and robot technologies to each other with a view to realizing "Happy Family, Healthy Life, Healing Society," and leading the national wellness industry.

Research Objectives

Global Leading human-centered wellness technology innovation and its commercialization through developing wellness solution and business model

Wellness Research Center Image
Human Augmentation (input Technologies)
Brain Machine Interface
Wearable Tactile Device
Wellness Infomatics
Augmented Interlligence
Wellness Coaching
Human Augmentation (Output Technologies)
Soft Wearable Exo-Suit
Rehabilitation Robotics
Robotics Gadgets
Fuel Cell
Hign Density Open Fuel-Cell
Automobile/Drone Fuel-Cell

Major Research Fields

Human Augmentation

  • Brain Machine Interface, Neurohaptics, Rehabilitation Robotics, Soft Wearable Exo-Suit

Wellness Informatics

  • Biomarker, Augmented Intelligence, Wellness Coaching

Fuel Cell

  • Wearable Fuel Cell, Fuel Cell Applications (Automobile/Drone/Robot)

Director Jinung An
Tel +82-53-785-4800