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    Present condition

    Type Floor Number of rooms Capacity (persons) Remarks
    Room Double
    A Type 2nd~10th Fl. 102 204 Can accommodate a total of 260 residents
    B Type 26 52
    For handicapped (Single room) 2nd Fl. 4 4
    Facility Laundry room, kitchen 2nd Fl. 1 1/Building
    Lounge 2nd~10th Fl. 9 1/Fl.


    Desk Chair Bookshelf Closet Bed Mattress Drying Rack Key Air Conditioner Shoe Rack
    Qt. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1(per room) 1(per room)

    Support system

    • A dormitory manager and janitor supports general services

    Principle of Entrance

    • Principle of entrance: Students shall be within their fourth year if doing a bachelor's degree, second year if doing a master's degree, or fourth year if doing a doctor's degree.

    Regulations on personal equipment

    Heater Cookware Sound System ETC Electric Code
    Equipment Electric Blanket, Fan heater Burner, Cooker, Coffee Pot, Toaster, Frying Pan Video, TV, Audio Electric Fan, Computer, Hair Drier, Refirgerator(Below 100L) Electric Code
    Availability x x o o Shall be a standardized product

    ※ You shall get a permission of management department to use an equipment not mentioned above