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Biseul cultural program

DGIST holds a cultural event once a month during each semester for students to cultivate concepts and develop creative ideas and to increase their potential ability.


Schedule in 2016 & 2017

Schedule in 2016 & 2017

The 33rd

2016.03.16 (Wed)

The 34th

2016.05.18 (Wed)

The 35th

2016.09.05 (Wed)

The 36th

2016.11.16 (Wed)

The 38th

2017.04.05 (Wed)

The 39th

2017.05.17 (Wed)

The 40th

2017.09.20 (Wed)

The 41st

2017.10.18 (Wed)

The 42nd

2017.11.15 (Wed)

※ Program will be announced three weeks before each event via the website, poster and email.

Event held in 2015

Event held in 2015
The 32nd 2015.11.20 (Wed) Coffee at Cafe Zimmermann
The 31st 2015.05.20 (Wed) The Sound of Spring
The 30th 2015.03.18 (Wed) Classic Guitar Ensemble Fiesta