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DGIST Kick-starts Research Innovation with CoE Convergence Research Group

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DGIST Kick-starts Research Innovation with CoE Convergence Research Group

- To establish and run 4 open-type research groups by 2022 in which outside experts can participate -

On July 16, DGIST held a briefing session on the ‘DGIST Center of Excellence (CoE) Convergence Research Group’ project, officially starting an open-type convergence research project.

‘DGIST CoE Convergence Research Group’ can be participated by not only DGIST faculties and researchers but also any outside researchers who are interested. It is a research group designed to solve social problems based on science and technologies by performing convergence research across various academic fields unlike the existing academic frames.

By running the CoE Convergence Research Group, it is expected to generate achievements convergence research by solving various social problems and global issues that require science and technological expertise and by focusing on research for the advancement of, national core technologies and regional science technologies.

In addition, it is hoped that they will create its own research reflecting the convergence research system and present a new ‘convergence research model’ that can represent the future science research of South Korea.

Starting with the establishment of 1 CoE Convergence Research Group next year, DGIST plans to found 4 Convergence Research Groups by 2022. DGIST has differentiated its establishment and operation by making an ‘open-type research group’ that outside researchers can also participate in terms of recruiting research members and accepting research assignments, unlike the existing the existing research groups.

As a research group directly affiliated under the president, CoE Convergence Research Group will be supported with a stable budget and guaranteed independence and freedom of research, creating the best research environment for all researchers to focus only on research unlike other research organizations. Also, by adopting the ‘CoE Faculty System’ for researchers to instruct students in a systematic way, DGIST will advance its symbiotic academy-research system for the undergraduate and research departments to coexist.

Through the CoE Convergence Research Group, DGIST is expected to achieve ‘Research Innovation’, one of the three innovation strategies announced in the proclamation ceremony of DGIST INNOVATION 2034 in May, and play a pivotal role in redefining the roles and responsibilities of the Science and Technology Institute.

President Sang Hyuk Son of DGIST said “We plan to guarantee the freedom and independence of the CoE Convergence Research Group as much as possible for researchers to focus only on convergence research and grant the Research Group leader the overall authority to run the research group. Through CoE Convergence Research Group, DGIST seeks to become a leading role model of research innovation with convergence research that crosses the boundaries of science and technology.

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