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DGIST Signs Cooperation MoU with Mirae Asset Life Insurance

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DGIST Signs Cooperation MoU with Mirae Asset Life Insurance

- To establish a startup ecosystem in Daegu and strengthen the competitiveness of local companies -

On July 25, DGIST signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mirae Asset Life Insurance Co., Ltd., to accelerate their efforts to support innovative technology-based new ventures.

This agreement aims to support the growth of companies based on DGIST research performance. Family companies of DGIST and research performance-based startups will receive various educational and seminar support services on company management for the next 2 years.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance will provide: Education and seminar on taxation and labor for the continuous growth and strengthening the competitiveness of DGIST family companies; Disclosing GIST-recommended companies (IPO) and advice on investments; and Education and lectures on organizational activation, CS (customer satisfaction service), asset management, retirement, etc. In addition, Mirae Asset Life will cooperate with DGIST to carry out projects needed for the growth of companies.

Through this agreement, DGIST seeks to arrange the framework of startup activation based on its research performance and support companies that will lead the 4th industrial revolution.

President Sang Hyuk Son of DGIST said “We expect this agreement to strongly encourage the creation of an advanced technology-based startup ecosystem through DGIST’s research performance and infrastructure as well as greatly strengthen the competitiveness of local companies.”

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