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Spreading the Light of Education in Ghana and Vietnam

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Spreading the Light of Education in Ghana and Vietnam

- DGIST undergraduate students participated in World Friends ICT Volunteers Program in abroad -

DGIST undergraduate students successfully wrapped up their time as global Information and Communication Technology volunteers in Ghana and Vietnam over the summer break. 24 students from School of Undergraduate Studies with excellent spirit of sharing, passion, and IT competencies have participated in this volunteering group, which is divided into 6 teams. 3 teams have been assigned to ICT schools in Christian Service University College (CSUC) in Ghana and Can Tho University in Vietnam to carry out their volunteering activities.

From 24 July to 17 August, volunteer groups of DGIST in Ghana have offered courses not only for university students but also elementary and middle school students in cooperation with CSUC. They taught various ICT knowledge and skills through ICT courses including MS Office and Photoshop, technology needed for personal media production, and Scratch program.

Maxwell Boatang, who is taking ran educational coding program called Scratch, said “I had always wanted to learn Scratch because I was very interested in computer programming, but I could not because my previous school did not have a teacher with expertise in it. I’m having such a rewarding time in the Scratch program class these days and want to teach students as a teacher one day in the future”.

Students also carry out cultural exchange activities in addition to volunteer ICT education as private diplomats, such as making traditional fans and calligraphy postcards through Hangul education, making traditional masks, and K-POP flash mob production.

Minji Kang, one of the volunteers in Ghana this summer, said “I decided to apply to program because I felt it would be the first chance to volunteer in Africa, although I’ve done several education volunteering activities before. I was very deeply impressed by the students’ desire and enthusiasm to learn, and I will do my best to produce the best result with a strong sense of responsibility as a participant representing DGIST.

Meanwhile, another groups of DGST undergraduate students volunteered for education on multimedia production and web programming in Can Tho University, Vietnam from 2 to 27 July. They especially participated in an ICT project parking fee payment system for school campus, drawing many positive responses from local students.

Advisor Shi-chun No of National IT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA) said “Through volunteering in customized education that reflects the educational needs of local students in Vietnam, the ICT volunteer group drew many positive responses from them. As an activity in Can Tho Univeristy, the largest public university in Vietnam and the center of international exchange, the ICT volunteering group’s educational programs is expected to give a very huge impact on the development of ICT curriculums in nearby schools”.

Director Moonsuk Seon of DGIST International Affairs Team said “This volunteering program focuses on Collaboration and Care among 4C in right people for DGIST. This will greatly help the students build a cooperative communication skill that suits the right people standard and realize the importance of living in the world with other people.”

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