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DGIST to Boost the Regional Startup Ecosystem

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DGIST to Boost the Regional Startup Ecosystem

- Opened ‘Maker Space’ and ‘Start-up Office' on August 9 to vitalize startups

‘Maker Space’ and ‘Start-up Office’ which will become the foundation of DGIST’s future startup opened on Thursday, August 9. They have facilities matching the characteristics of each area that can be used as an open space by not only DGIST members but also outside people trying to start a business.

To realize new ideas into actual products, ‘Maker Space’ arranged equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutter that are needed for making prototypes. By creating an open space with as few partitions as possible, it also enables active communication for product planning and production.

‘Start-up Office’ was created to guarantee the stable startup activities of pre-startup owners. It is expected to be the outpost for leading the vitalization of regional startups by providing various opportunities of start-up exchanges, including startup-related briefing sessions (IR, Investor Relations).

Director Chang-Hee Hyeon of DGIST Industry-Academy Cooperation Consortium emphasized “In the era of 4th industrial revolution, we hope Maker Space and Start-up Office becomes the priming water for creating the regional startup ecology as the foundation of spreading DGIST’s research performances and vitalize and technology startups. We will put all our efforts into creating more job and startup opportunities for young people through this.”

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