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Plunge into the Energy of World University Rowing Festival

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Plunge into the Energy of World University Rowing Festival

- University students from around the world come to Korea to attend DGIST international rowing festival -

The 4th Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST) World-class University Rowing Festival 2018 was held along the Nakdong River, Daegu City in Korea, from August 21st to 25th. DGIST promotes convergence in education, by offering students different paths which all include a variety of disciplines ranging from social sciences to science. The idea is to educate facilitating an open mind vision and boosting convergence as a key aspect in both education and research.

In this respect, DGIST students have been encouraged to learn rowing to demonstrative collaborative mindset and to cultivate a sense of leadership and care, which are part of the university’s 4C educational philosophies - Creativity, Challenge, Collaboration, and Care - and the 3 educational focuses - Convergence, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship Education.

More than 500 students and officials from the six prestigious universities including the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the University of Sydney (Australia), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States) and DGIST (Korea) gathered to DGIST for this event.

The festival kicked off with the opening ceremony, which includes a street rowing experience program with citizens and a street rowing competition for the athletes on an outdoor permanent stage in Dongseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu on Tuesday, August 21. It was followed by university coxed four (4+) and mixed eight (8+) 1km rowing game on Thursday, August 23 and a 12km-water marathon rowing game for the convergence team on Saturday, August 25. 

During the water rowing competition on Thursday August 23, students of nearby schools - Yuga Middle School, Posan Middle School, Hyeonpoong High School, etc. - in Dalseong-gun organized a cheering squad of 700 students to hold a pep rally and all of the games were live-broadcasted on Youtube. On Saturday August 25, the 12km-long game by convergence team consisting of university athletes with different race, nationality, and genders was held and live-broadcasted to the audience on a multi-screen.

As part of the festival, ‘Korean Night’ was held for students to learn about Korean culture such as ‘Hanbok’ (Korean traditional dress) and traditional tea ceremony. In addition, ‘DGIST Forum’ on the university’s 4C educational philosophies was held for students to discuss together and enact a joint statement on global leadership skills that a leader must have. 

DGIST President Sang Hyuk Son said, “We hope that students interact with other students from leading universities around the world on sports, culture, and academics to become global leaders in the 21st century through 2018 Global Leading University Rowing Festival. We also hope this is a festival of collaboration and coexistence with local residents and the community.”

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