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DGIST Steps Up Climate Change Efforts

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DGIST Steps Up Climate Change Efforts

- Entered an agreement for a research funds investment of 1.36 billion KRW with ATIS, a NASDAQ-listed company. -

DGIST Professor Su Il In’s Research Team from Department of Energy Science and Engineering has entered an agreement for a research funds investment of 1.36 billion KRW with ATIS (Attis Industries Inc.).

The major cause of global environment problems such as record-breaking heatwaves and heavy rain due to global warming is the increased emission of carbon dioxide. In response, research on a resource technology that converts carbon dioxide into a new energy source is continuously carried out with growing interest.

This agreement says that Professor In’s Research Team will cooperate with an American company that has been recently interested in the team’s research performances to develop a technology that can convert carbon dioxide into resources. The research team will also receive funding of 1.36 billion KRW over the next 3 years to conduct research up to its commercialization. It is very rare that a Korean scientist has succeeded in securing huge research fundings from a U.S. investment firm, in recognition for his research capabilities.

CEO Jeffrey Cosman of ATIS said “I have observed the growth of research from lab-based to industry-based, brining innovations to society like the solar power industry. I believe that such innovation can also occur in the field of carbon dioxide conversion, and Professor In’s team will play a critical role in enabling this.”

Professor In said “We will accelerate our research on the conversion of carbon dioxide into resources and continue research that can contribute to solving global warming through the signing of this investment agreement.”

Meanwhile, ATIS is a NASDAQ-listed U.S. firm that focuses on solving social issues using various innovative technologies, to generate long-term values in healthcare, medical wastes, and environmental technology.

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