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Smart Textile Research Group

General Introduction

The goal of Smart Textile Convergence Research Group is to develop new functional textiles which contain the properties of sensor, energy storage and luminescence by combining nano-technology (NT) or energy-technology (ET) with the traditional textile technology. We are aiming to contribute to the improvement of the technology as well as international competitiveness of the regional textile companies by developing the core smart textile technology. Consequently, it will promote the development of the regional industry.

Research Objective

Development of technologies for textile-type wearable sensor, flexible battery, luminescent fiber.

Major Research Fields

Development of wearable sensor technology

  • Functional nano-materials preparation technology (Photosensor material etc.)
  • Surface treatment and properties control of functional nano-materials
  • Functional nano-materials fiber polymer and carbon nanofiber composite materials

Development of flexible energy storage system

  • Flexible substrates based on carbon/polymer materials
  • High capacity anode material
  • High efficiency energy storage nano-material

Mechano Luminescence(ML) material application for textile

  • Development of polymer precursor containing ML materials
  • Electrospinning of ML/polymer materials
  • Textile fabrication using ML materials

DirectorLim, Sang Kyoo