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Intelligent Devices and Systems Research Group

General Introduction

Under the Conversion Research Institute in DGIST, the Intelligent Devices and Systems Research Group performs a study of the low dimensional quantum materials, new concepts for next-generation intelligent element, the algorithm for the next generation of smart devices, and a platform for next-generation intelligent devices.

We also carry out in-depth research on the synthesis of nano materials, low-dimensional device technology, development of intelligent devices based on the technology, and neuromorphic devices, which is a brain function simulation study through micro current control. In addition, we develop multidimensional response sensors to various signals and stimuli, and learning-based context recognition technology.

The Intelligent Devices and Systems Research Group aims to contribute not only to local and national economic development, but also to the future society where human beings are happy with the help of technology. In order to do so, we will research and develop the advanced intelligent devices of the next generation that will take a huge part of the future national competitiveness.

Research Objective

Research of high efficiency optoelectronic device based on quantum materials

Research of synapse mimetic signaling device and intelligent device technology

Development of platform technology for learning-based intelligent systems

Major Research Fields

Core research for materials and devices

  • Synthesis Nano materials
  • Development of the low dimensional materials
  • Research for neuromorphic device
  • Flexible smart device

Development of the situational awareness algorithm technology

  • Electromagnetic wave sensor-based multi-dimensional domain processing
  • Multi-wave image acquisition and processing
  • Image and big data-based recognition
  • Multiple sensors-based precise positioning technology

DirectorLee, Myoung Jae