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Cultivating future brains of the nation and world through convergence research and education system

As the one and only research-oriented university where academic and research division co-exist, DGIST has established an innovative and cooperative research system connecting ‘lab-level basic science and fundamental research’ and ‘center-level applied research and technology commercialization’.

The fundamental researches on basic sciences and engineering are covered in the School of Undergraduate Studies and the Graduate School. Through conducting further application and commercialization of those research results at our research division ? DGIST Convergence Research Institute, research centers and institutes, DGIST has been differentiating itself as a role model of university-research cooperation.

DGIST Graduate School offers six degree courses: Emerging Materials Science, Information and Communication Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Brain and Cognitive Science, and New Biology. Each course pursues active interdisciplinary approaches in their education and research activities, that is, convergence.