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Microlaser Technology Research Center

General Introduction

Laser Science Technology is one of the most advanced technologies that has various applications and uses throughout the world. The Convergence Research Center for Microlaser Technology investigates characteristics and applications of microcavity laser which has microscopic size and 2-dimensional design.

Research Objectives

The first goal of our research is making 2-dimensional microcavity laser which has directionality and ultra-high quality factor with the theoretical background of Classical Mechanics, Quantum Chaos Theory and Quantum Optics. The ultimate objective is applying microcavity laser to chemical sensors, biological sensors and microscopic optical communication devices by combining other fields of science; Chemistry, Biology, Electrical Communication Engineering, and so on. Such microcavity laser Science Technology is theoretically and practically valuable, and it is an indispensable technology to compete with the world in the future.

Major Research Fields

2-dimensional Microcavity Laser

  • Establishment of Quantum Chaos Theory
  • Development of microcavity laser with uni-directionality and ultra-high quality factor
  • Chemical and biological sensor
  • Microscopic optical communication devices
  • Single photon generator

Director Chilmin Kim
Tel +82-53-785-6518