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Future Automotive Technology Research Center

General Introduction

The Convergence Research Center for Future Automotive Technology leads the convergence technology development sector in creating innovative value in the automotive industry based on DGIST technology. The center aims to create a new era in automotive studies by securing convergence technology of automotive and ICT for driverless and accident-free smart cars.

Research Objectives

  • Convergence technology development of smart cars
  • Technology commercialization (customer need based research and development)
  • Industry-university-research cooperation and large sale project planning

Major Research Fields

Step 1 (2013~2014): Enhancement of technology convergence and commercialization

  • Next-generation brake technology
  • Next-generation navigation technology
  • Diagnostic and fail safe technology
  • Development of Electrical and Electronic system (E/E system) based on software platform

Step 2 (2015~2018): Convergence technology development for smart car

  • Integration technology of outside environment information
  • Accident prevention safety system technology
  • Accident evasion control system technology

Step 3 (2019~2022): Development of autonomous driving technology

  • HMI management technology for integrated drive and vehicle state
  • Context-aware technology based on local sensor and infrastructure
  • Autonomous driving technology of unmanned platoon

DirectorSeong-Hun Lee